fredag, februar 15

På samisk

Lea fridja vahkku, sattan fargga jietna nieida, rahkisdan mu mac ja measta geargan odda musihkkain.

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  1. Hi Prinsesse, thank you for your visit to my site and your comments. Nice to meet you!
    Dous - Rome - Italy
    P.S. I don't understand norwish, what's about your site?

  2. dous: No problem, sometimes I use to visit a random blog just for fun, your blog was one of them. :)
    I don´t know if there is anything about my site, I use to write about things that have happened in my life, and sometimes my poems. :)
    Maybe more a site that my friends can read when they got some spare time I guess... :)

  3. ah, ok. I've seen you write from deep north.. Isn't it? I've just been in Sweden, but not so north...
    Bye from Rome! :D

  4. Far north at least. A lot of snow, that I like, when the weather is kind to us. Sweden is also north, but then again, depends on where you´ve been in Sweden. So, where have you been? :)

  5. ... I've been in Svenlyunga on 1990.. so time ago!
    Also in Goteborg.. very nice. I Admire your countries and your beauties.
    kisses & thanks to visit my blog!


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